Your raw material with our expertise – for a final product that suits your needs

At Beaulac Veneer Inc., our versatile and reliable equipments operated by our team of highly-skilled professionals delivers top-quality products. We can offer you :

  • CUSTOM SLICING – ship your lumber to us, and we will slice it at your needed thickness, between 1/42” up to 1/8” (0.6mm up to 3.2mm).
  • CUSTOM CUT-TO-SIZE – send us your veneers and we will trim and cut to your exact final dimensions! Available from 1/42” up to 1/8” (0.6mm up to 3.2mm)
  • CUSTOM SPLICING – for THICK veneers only, from 1/20” up to 1/8” (1.3mm up to 3.2mm). Any matching available (click here for more information on our splicing capabilities)


  • Flexible services to meet your needs and applications
  • From your raw material –
  • Better recuperation of your raw material – as lumber or veneers
  • Increase your capacity to serve your market

Tell us about your project, we will be glad to work on it with you!

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